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We are Registered Valuers and this means we are approved by the RICS to prepare “Red Book” valuations. We undertake valuations for a variety of reasons including the following:

Most buyers of residential property will require finance; a mortgage, a bank loan or assistance from a trust fund; they will all need a Valuation Report.

You may want to sell your share in a property or simply to know whether the agreed price is correct.

Knowing the current value of a property and/or establishing the possible value after extension or modelling is essential in decision-making.

Dispute Resolution
Divorce, partnership disputes, HMRC Investigations and many more situations give rise to the need for a Valuation Report.

Probate/ inheritance tax valuation
When a property owner dies, a trustee may be required to provide a valuation on a private dwelling or commercial property to the Valuation Office, nowadays this is known as an Inheritance Tax Valuation.

Leasehold Enfranchisement
Leases are a wasting asset and it becomes difficult to sell when the remaining term of years falls below a certain level. The freehold can also be purchased by the lessees collectively and this is known as ‘enfranchisement’. To exercise your right to acquire the freehold or extend a lease, you will need advice as to the premium payable in accordance with the applicable legislation.


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