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RICS HomeBuyer Report

If you are purchasing a property you want to ensure that there are no significant and costly defects. In order to ensure this, you will need to instruct an experienced RICS chartered surveyor to complete a thorough survey.

Having an RICS HomeBuyer Report undertaken in advance of your purchase ensures that a qualified and experienced chartered surveyor business the property, fully inspected and then finally confirms the findings in a clear and concise report. As the report is concise and designed for more standard property, it can often be carried out more cheaply than a building survey.

This will enable you to make a fully informed decision on whether you wish to proceed with the property purchase or whether to adjust the purchase offer based off the defects identified.

During the inspection, the surveyor will make a full and detailed inspection of the property to establish any issue or wants of repair. The RICS homeBuyer Report focuses on all aspects of the property from the outside, to the inside and to the grounds.


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